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Our Mission

A healthy, balanced life in harmony with the Environment.


Our Mission

A healthy, balanced life in harmony with the Environment.

A Mission, A Vision

Margarine Thibault (A.K.A. the Bergeron-Thibault Group) is a 100% canadian family business, established in 1913. the Bergeron-Thibault Group favors local trade, including ingredients from quebec.

We use only the best vegetable oils to create completely natural, vegetable-based spreads and margarines. We choose the most healthy fats to ensure you don't put your heart at risk! We also strive to offer our bakery & pastry customers unparalleled personalized service, for their creations brighten your morning!

We believe that every human being can live a healthy, balanced life, in harmony with his or her environment. Our mission is to offer a wide array of highly nutritional, superior products that improve health and respect the environment. And of course, we prefer to do this by offering products of exceptional taste at a highly competitive price!



Our food safety management system is on par with the highest international standards!


Our food safety management system is on par with the highest international standards!

As a food product manufacturer, Margarine Thibault is committed to upholding the highest industry standards, and this dedication is reflected in our certifications for quality, hygiene and operational excellence, among others.

FSSC 22000

Few certifications meet all the requirements of the GFSI. Among them (note IFS, BRC, SQF), FSSC 22000 is certainly a strictest and more comprehensive. Integrating the principles of the strictest HACCP systems with the highest international standards (ISO 22000 and ISO 22003), FSSC 22000 also requires a proactive philosophy from the entire company.

Aliments du Québec

All of the Bergeron-Thibault Group's are manufactured here in Quebec. To be certified "Aliments du Québec", a product must be fully Quebecois, or its main ingredients must be from Quebec and all processing and packaging operations must be carried out in the province.


The Global Food Safety Initiative is an international initiative whose objective is the establishment of internationally recognized standards in security management and food safety. From management of allergens to the prevention of terrorist acts and including evaluation of suppliers, food safety management systems measured by GFSI are annually verified, to make sure they put up with the organization's latest recommendations.


Our History

Our History

Groupe Bergeron-Thibault: a family affair!

in 1913,

J. Eudore Bergeron bought a butter-making plant that had been originally built in 1893 in accordance with the government standards of the time. It was actually his wife (Rose-Anna Hardy de Chatillon) who bought the facility, but her husband had to consent to the purchase since women were not allowed to undertake such transactions in those days.

Right up to 1941, Mr. Bergeron produced butter in all its forms, but that year saw the first of several important transformations the plant would undergo. In fact, the company ceased manufacturing butter, instead receiving it in bulk, unsalted, then adding salt and cutting it into blocks. Then in 1950, the product we now know as margarine began to appear on the market. The Bergeron family business underwent another major shift when it abandoned the production of butter for margarine.


J. Daniel Thibault, also a butter and cheese maker by profession in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Quebec, was producing a butter substitute, then called "table spread." Mr. Thibault’s sons, Marcel and Paul, subsequently joined the family business, hence the name D.P.M. Thibault.

In 1961, the Quebec Government of Jean Lesage passed legislation governing the manufacture of "table spread." The product was finally recognized and became known as margarine. D.P.M. Thibault built a new factory in 1983 at Trois-Rivières, Quebec equipped with technology to boost production capacity to 100,000 pounds of margarine a day. In 1986, Lavo Groupe bought the company, changing the name to Margarine Thibault inc.

Ahead of the trend, Margarine Thibault launched a non-hydrogenated margarine in 1994, which it called Nuvel, a product of exceptional nutritional quality since it contained virtually no "trans" fat. A year later, the Montreal Heart Institute Research Fund gave its seal of approval, affirming that Nuvel non-hydrogenated margarine offered real health benefits.

In 1997, Margarine Thibault was acquired by J.E. Bergeron & fils to become Groupe Bergeron-Thibault. The company obtained its HACCP (food safety systems) certification a few years later, in 2003.

Development of the international market has progressed steadily, and today Groupe Bergeron-Thibault specializes in the manufacture of a range of products: margarine; non-hydrogenated margarine; non-hydrogenated trans-fat-free margarine for croissants; margarine for pastry; margarine for icing; non-refrigerating margarine, etc.

Since 1913, four generations of Bergerons have stayed true to their mission: offering high-quality food products that are healthy and delicious, diversified and adapted to their customers’ needs.


Our Team

Passion at your Service

Our Team

Passion at your Service

At Margarine Thibault, sixty dedicated employees work together to produce our margarines in our Trois-Rivieres facility. Each one of us actively works wether it be in the laboratory, at recipes, in packaging, warehouse or administration.

The key members of our team are:

Danielle Bergeron

President & CEO



Executive Vice President



Vice-President Sales


François dussault

Financial Controller


Jean-simon bédard

Continuous improvement director

sebastien champagne

Production supervisor


linda courchesne

Quality and R&D Director



Finance and Operation Vice President

André Lahaie

General Manager



Sales Director (819) 386-7143



Production Director


julien vieules

Maintenance supervisor


Patrick Côté

Quality assurance


Customer service