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A Mission, A Vision

Margarine Thibault (A.K.A. the Bergeron-Thibault Group) is a 100% canadian family business, established in 1913. the Bergeron-Thibault Group favors local trade, including ingredients from quebec.

We use only the best vegetable oils to create completely natural, vegetable-based spreads and margarines. We choose the most healthy fats to ensure you don't put your heart at risk! We also strive to offer our bakery & pastry customers unparalleled personalized service, for their creations brighten your morning!

We believe that every human being can live a healthy, balanced life, in harmony with his or her environment. Our mission is to offer a wide array of highly nutritional, superior products that improve health and respect the environment. And of course, we prefer to do this by offering products of exceptional taste at a highly competitive price!